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Heart of the Woods (a yuri visual novel released 2/15/2019) featured a wide array of accessibility options. We've talked about it, we've improved on it, we've prepared it, and now we're releasing it: The full pack for adding these options to your own game!

This tool was created with users and developers in mind. Our dream is make accessibility accessible at every level!

So, what options does it include?

  • Text: Allow users to change font, size, color, and kerning of their text!
  • Sound: Audio cues alert users of music change, sound effects, and ambience.
  • Visuals: Toggle motion effects like screenshake! Adjust textbox opacity!

Files included in this pack:

  • screens replacements: The front-end. Easy to read, commented code with instructions on what to add or replace to your screens.rpy for users.
  • accessibility setup: The back-end. Build your options here! Includes example code as well as instructions on how to add fonts, sizes, and dictionaries to be used in your game.
  • accessibility functions: For use in-line. Easily modifiable for advanced users to customize their files and add even more!

Great care has been taken to ensure every line is easy to read, modify, and use. Developer notes have been added so every level of user can use this tool!

This is released under the MIT license.


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RenPy Accessibility.zip 34 kB


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Since I'm not sure what the liscense is since the text file that's supposed to contain it is empty, and I'm not sure what to search for. I'd like to know if I can use this for a commercial project? I PROMISE I'll credit you for this, I just think that this would be REALLY Useful for my visual novel, which I plan on selling for 4-5 USD. It's a SFW Visual Novel about an autistic person making friends, as I'm autistic myself, which means it's about disabilities in a way.

Apologies for the lack of license, ahh!

This tool is completely free to use in every project. You don't need to credit, but it is very appreciated!

Let me know when your project is released, I'd love to check it out!

Does this add animated GIF support?

Nope, I don't think Ren'Py itself allows for GIFs. However, if you export your GIF as PNG frames, you can create an animation using ATL language to cycle through the frames!

The alternative is to use a MP4 instead of a GIF, but that's a biiiit more work. It depends on what your project needs!


Amazing work! Incredible generosity to the community, this is so great!

Hello, excuse me. I'm using your add-on, but  I'm not very understand English and I have a problem.

1st problem:
About alias. When I'm using ":" in the alias "alias : "Song Title",". I have error message, so I change ":" to this "=", and then the error is disappear.

2nd problem:
About "$ play_sfx()" and "$ play_music()". I have error message, but I don't understand the meaning. But I can ignore the message and the sound and music still play.

3rd problem:
The character name is disappear, and I don't know how to fix this.

4th problem:
The font in Help Menu and in the dialogue is more big than other font. And I don't know how to fix this.

Please help me with this problem. Maybe you can make video so I can more understand how to use this add-on.

I'm using Ren'Py v7.3.0.271 on Linux Lite 4.2